Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spiritual Maturity and Attitude about Economic Crisis

“Distinguishing love from fear and choosing love instead of fear
in daily choices is the heart of spiritual development.”
~Gary Zukav, author

I was reading Gary Zukav’s Blog today and he has expressed basically what I believe about this economic crisis. I’ve had puzzled looks or reactions because I have said I am optimistic about the economic conditions we are currently in. I have also said people get caught up in fear, much of it instigated and propagated by the media where it grows like a snowball rolling down a hill. It seems we became so accustomed to buying into fear over these last eight years.

So what about change? It is about attitude. Whose attitude? Our own. And it is about responsibility. Taking responsibility for one’s own actions. People gave mortgages away, knowing the applicant was not really financially qualified but it lined their own individual or company pockets, and the applicant knew they could not “really” afford it, but it gave them a material thing beyond their means in the hopes that in a few short years they would make a bundle to put in their own pocket.

Gary wrote: “As we take our first steps towards spiritual maturity, we become less interested in blaming others for our experiences and more interested in using them to learn what we need to change about ourselves in order to move into our full potential. For example, when a marriage dissolves, a child runs away, or a global economy becomes dysfunctional we can make choices in fear – and recreate the damage – or in love and create differently.…Distinguishing love from fear and choosing love instead of fear in daily choices is the heart of spiritual development. This distinction, and the lack of it, can be seen on the macro level, such as the economic and foreign policies of nations, and on the micro level, such as the choices that individuals make when they are in power struggles or they feel that they cannot obtain enough, no matter how much or little they actually have.”

You can read more of what Gary Zukav here. I’ve always liked Gary's views, from those in his book, Seat of the Soul, to his many appearances on Oprah, and on his website and Blog. He says it well when he states: “Authentic power is the experience of fulfillment, gratitude, and meaning. It is the alignment of your personality with your soul – with harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life.”

Yesterday on my World of Spirit Blog I wrote about Creativity and Achieving Potential, and posted an excellent inspirational and humorous video of Benjamin Zander. You may want to see that as it really does go along with this post. “Zander, the only conductor to ever lead the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, is a prophet of human potential and an unrivaled champion of joie de vivre. Watch as he helps unlock the boundless potential of a 15 year old cellist and teaches the entire Pop!Tech audience what it means to live in a world of possibility.”


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Lover of Life said...

Wow, are we on the same wavelength or what? I think we are on the precipice of amazing change. I can feel the energy, can't you?

I love Gary Zukov - I read Seat of the Soul in the 1980's and have been following him every since. I also like Eckhart Tolle's - The Power of Now.

Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog today. (I'll check out your other blog when it's not almost midnight!)