Saturday, October 18, 2008

No Bumps With Obama, Says 8 year-old Trisha In Telling Us Why She Wants Barack Obama for President

This morning I was reading an article about children and their response to the election and I came across this CNN IReport video of Trisha, an eight year-old girl, a thinker, and according to the note from her parent, a child who has been interested in politics and wants to be president one day. There is hope that intelligent and passionate leaders will come from this generation.

The Scholastic Election Poll has been polling school children for at least 68 years. Poll takers said their poll has reflected the outcome of the actual election all but twice since 1940. A quarter of a million students participated in the poll.
This year, Obama won with 57 percent to McCain's 39 percent.

Trisha, 8, of Naperville, Illinois, was so excited about Obama's candidacy that she told her mother to make a video of her giving reasons to vote for him. This was posted along with the video by her parent:

"This is about passion of a 8-year old who lives in Naperville Illinois to make sure to elect Barack Obama as our next President. This is all spontaneous, none whatsoever influenced by parents. Trisha talks about why Barack Obama is the right choice and why John McCain is not. This video was shot in our backyard. Trisha is a compassionate leader, spontaneous speaker, great writer and a reader. She has written to former VP Al Gore regarding Naperville not signing up to Kyoto treaty standards. She wants to be a president when she grows up."


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Ricky Kendall said...

Way to go, Trisha! You probably will be president some day. You are a smart girl. You did your research and you have been listening. There are too many adults who don't take the time to check the information they receive. You will be a very successful adult and I am sure you are a very successful young lady.