Monday, August 18, 2008

Knowledge-Our Precious Birthright

Prolific American author, Upton Sinclair (1878-1968) had an interest in the paranormal and spiritualism. He wrote about his views in his 1921, The Book of the Mind.

I like Sinclair’s 1921 comments regarding having an open mind and doing research. His comments are just as valuable today, about many things in our world, such as the closed mind of some scientists, government cover-ups and deceptions in various areas, and narrow thinking that does not allow for expansion nor welcomes new knowledge. I personally go along with Sinclair’s ideas that it is our priceless birthright to seek answers. Nearly ninety years later, his words are still precious as they were when he wrote them.

He wrote: “Once upon a time knowledge was the prerogative of kings and priests and ruling castes; but this supreme power has been wrested from them, and this is the greatest step in human progress so far taken. ‘Seek and ye shall find,’ is the law concerning knowledge today, ‘Knock, and it shall be opened to you.’

"In this, my Book of the Mind, I say to you that knowledge is your priceless birthright, and that you should repudiate all men and all institutions and all creeds and all formulas which seek to keep this heritage from you.”

~ Linda

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Ricky said...

Knowledge is power and the greatest of those powers is understanding. Sinclair is so right.

The stories coming from war torn areas of the world show us what happens when governments and theocracies limit knowledge and peddle ignorance in its stead.

It is important that the world do everything it can to end hunger but that should always include satisfying hunger for knowledge. These sad situations of war torn nations and starving masses will never be fully addressed until we educate those involved. Maybe we should include some good books, in the appropriate language, along with the food.