Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

As the Beatles said, we all "can get by with a little help from my friends". In the age of the Internet with so much of an information flow, many negative thoughts can find itself into millions of lives instantly. Also, hoaxes, jokes, urban legends can instantly change our thoughts and our lives. Such as the ploy being used on determining who should continue on as an American Idol contestant. You’ve probably all heard of the web-site, Vote for the Worst, which posts the worst contestants and encourage us to vote for them. The mean-spirited purpose is to make a mockery of the American Idol competition. And now we find that Howard Stern on his satellite radio show encourages his listeners to also vote for the worst! That explains why the not very talented contestant, Sanjaya, he of the long hair, big white toothy smile, and limited singing ability, popularly known as a "girly-man" continues on as other, more talented singers are getting the boot. This certainly will destroy the credibility of American Idol, a multi-million dollar industry and highest rated television show on TV.

After each contestant performs, the public has a 2 hour time frame in which to make unlimited phone calls to vote for their favorite performer or performers. Also, I read in an American Idol blog, if you go on-line you are able to vote at least 200 times in that 2-hour time frame. Don't know if that is correct however. There is no limit how many times a specific phone number can vote. At least on Dancing With The Stars the callers are limited to 10 calls per phone. If the producers of American Idol don’t put a limit on how many times an individual can vote, they could end up with an untalented performer as their next American Idol, who would be guaranteed a recording contract and tour


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